Tuesday, 9 August 2011

NZ Apple and Pear Board

In 1948 the Government passed the NZ Apple and Pear Market Act allowing the formation of the NZ apple and Pear Marketing Board, and some financial backing from teh Government.
In 1949 NZ apple and Pear exports excedd half a million by 1950 the one million mark is exceeded.
In 1956 Granny Smith apples are introduced to North America.In 1973 the exporting of Royal Gala apples commences.
In 1984 7 million cartons of apples and pears are exported. A record high. In 1985 Braeburns were introduced. Between 1948 and 2001 apple and pear growers banded together with the New Zealand government to form an agency – the Apple and Pear Marketing Board – that acquired, exported and marketed New Zealand pipfruit. This film clip from the 1960s discusses the reasons the board was set up. In 1991 ENZA brand is created formerly the NZ apple and Pear Board is formed and export exceed 14 million crates. Since 2001 individual growers have been able to export and market their own fruit.
ENZA, formally the New Zealand Apple & Pear Marketing Board, has been successfully exporting premium New Zealand pipfruit for over 50 years. The ENZA brand was launched in 1992 and has become one of the most recognised fruit brands in the world.

Around 45 different varieties of ENZA apples and pears are exported to countries around the globe. The three major varieties, Braeburn, Fuji and Royal Gala, make up over 75% of the volume we export, with a raft of other varieties contributing to the total, including Cox Orange Pippin, Pacific Rose™ and Granny Smith, to name a few. ENZA continues to invest in new variety development, and has exclusive global rights to a number of new varieties, including Jazz™.

The beginning of 2003 marked the start of another exciting chapter for ENZA, when we officially merged with Turners & Growers Ltd, forming a company with a turnover in excess of $1 billion. Turners & Growers have over 100 years experience in the New Zealand fresh fruit and vegetable industry, and we are now working towards cementing our position as one of the largest horticultural companies in the Southern Hemisphere.