Saturday, 18 April 2009

Ewan McGregor - Notable and Historic Trees

Ewan McGregor is one of New Zealand’s most enthusiastic proponents of growing poplars over
pasture, initially for erosion control, amenity and stock shade and shelter, but also managing them for timber. He is the nominated farmer leader of the Hawke’s Bay fodder tree group and has developed a most attractive tree-covered farm that lies in summer-dry hill country a short distance to the northeast of Waipawa in Central Hawke’s Bay.
Ewan Mcgregor is Councillor on the Hawke's Bay Regional Council. He is enthusiastic about the planting of trees in Hawke's Bay as well as the preservation of Historic and notable trees in Hawke's Bay.

The McGregor family has farmed at Hautope since 1950 and Ewan McGregor has run the property since 1970. It is a 263 ha property with large areas now planted in woodlots. Ewan McGregor is now progressively handing over the property to a young sheep and beef farmer, and devoting his time on-farm to managing his trees for timber and aesthetics. He has also developed a tree consultancy business.