Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Robin Warren - Warren's Bakery

In 1872 seven young boys arrived from Devonshire England with their parents John and Johannah Warren, and settled in the small village of Havelock (now known as Havelock North). The couple then had four more children, three girls then another boy.
John Warren was fully employed building roads in the new settlement. He died at Havelock North in 1897 aged 71. At his funeral service tribute was paid to John Warren's honesty, integrity, and unassuming manner. Johannah Warren died in 1906 and is buried alongside her husband in the Havelock North cemetery.
Robert Warren, the youngest of the seven boys, who was only 11 months old when he arrived in New Zealand, completed a five year journeyman's apprenticeship with a Napier baker.
In 1892 Robert married Alice Bee, daughter of George Bee senior (the builder of St Luke's Church). On his wedding day Robert purchased a section in Napier Road, Havelock (North), next to St Columba's Presbyterian Church for £65 pounds. He set up a small shop in the front room of his two storied house, and the bake-house was in the back.
The Bakery was on the site until at least the 1930’s when it was sold and re-named Warnes’ Bakery.Robert Warren also began business in Hastings from 1898 with a large bake-house at the corner of St Aubyn Street and Karamu Road, as well as several other locations in the township where he expanded into tearooms and shops.
Catering was a significant part of Robert Warren’s business and he supplied elaborate multi-tiered wedding cakes, and catered at the local race meetings, balls, and weddings.
After his death in 1916, Alice his widow continued the business with the help of the family.
The Baking tradition continued from one generation to the next starting with Pearl Taylor the youngest child of Robert and Alice. Then Velma Brannigan, their grand-daughter, and more recently their great grand-son Malcolm and his wife Robyn.
Sadly Malcolm and Robyn, who took over the Hastings business in 1987, have put Warren’s Bakery up for sale, possibly ending an important part of Hawkes bay history.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Robyn Warren - Warren's Bakery

13 April Robyn Warren - Warren's Bakery
Robyn Warren is the Landmarks History Group speaker for April 2009, and together with her husband Malcolm, they are fourth generation owners of Warren’s Bakery.
Warren’s Bakery was established in Havelock North in 1891 by Robert Warren after he served an apprenticeship with a Napier baker for five years. The original bakehouse and store was next to the old wooden St Columba’s Church in Napier Road.
The business expanded into Hastings in 1898, where his bakehouse was on the corner of St Aubyn Street and Karamu Road. Further expansion occurred at several other locations in the town with tearooms and shops. Robert also catered at the Hastings racecourse, and at weddings ─ where his large multi-tiered cakes were the talk of the town.
A pet monkey was brought back from overseas by Robert, and Jacko the monkey and Robert were a familiar, if not slightly eccentric sight around Hastings. Robyn is passionate about the history of Warren’s Bakery, and being New Zealand’s oldest bakery still owned by the same family, there are plenty of interesting stories to tell that have been passed down through the generations.
When: Tuesday, 13 AprilTime: 5.30pm - 6.30pmWhere: Hastings Public Library, Warren Street.
Gold coin donation please upon entry.
For more information please phone Michael Fowler on 027 4521 056